Find out why Copenhagen’s cuisine is booming and get to know the main products of Danish gastronomy. Best areas to eat, typical Copenhagen products and much more.

In recent years, Copenhagen has become a gastronomic benchmark in the culinary world. The Noma restaurant, in the immediate vicinity of Christiania, has been voted the best restaurant in the world on several occasions. In addition, there are several Michelin-starred restaurants in the city and many world-renowned chefs hail from Denmark.

Danish cuisine is characterized by including meat, fish and vegetables in practically all its recipes. The typical dishes of Denmark are not very elaborate and are usually quite simple preparations, although equally delicious. The gastronomy of Copenhagen has French, German and Scandinavian influences, a fusion to lick your fingers.

Danish specialty

Smørrebrød: It is the typical lunch of Copenhagen and all of Denmark. It is a slice of bread (usually whole wheat) spread with butter and accompanied with smoked salmon, meat, boiled eggs and gherkins. The ingredients vary depending on each establishment.

Sild: It is the fish par excellence of Denmark. In Copenhagen you will find it smoked, stewed, marinated with vinegar, etc.

Frikadeller: Meatballs stuffed with pork or fish and accompanied by potato sauce and gherkins. It is one of the Danish dishes that you will find more easily in the street stalls of Copenhagen.

Krebinetter: It is a pork pie similar to the previous dish, also quite common to find in restaurants in Copenhagen or in street stalls.

“Red” hot dogs: The star product of Copenhagen’s street stalls is undoubtedly the red sausage hot dog, perfect for satisfying hunger or dining on the street. In addition, your pocket will thank you.

Wienerbrød: It is a spiral-shaped puff pastry and flavored with cinnamon and chocolate. It is the most typical sweet in Copenhagen.

Flæskesteg: Thin slices of roast pork. In Denmark there are twice as many pigs as people, which is why this animal is a basic ingredient in Danish gastronomy.

Pork belly: It is very common to find it accompanied by parsley sauce and boiled potatoes.

Danish Cheese: Danish cheeses are world famous and are served for breakfast, lunch or dinner. There are many types of cheese, but the most famous are Havarti, Samsoe and Danablu.

Smoked salmon: As in other Scandinavian capitals such as Oslo, smoked salmon is a typical Copenhagen dish.

Danish pastries: How could it be otherwise, in Copenhagen you will also find the famous Danish butter pastries that we can also find in almost any Spanish home.