Veganism is one of the fastest growing lifestyle choices right now. However, there is still the idea that vegan food can be bland and tasteless. Well, that’s not true. Plant products are an exciting and delicious way to eat and it’s healthy. These vegan restaurants in Copenhagen prove it.

From fine dining to fun brunch dishes, there are plenty of options in this city. Vegans, vegetarians, and everything in between can happily eat their hearts out here.

Best vegan restaurants in Copenhagen

1. Gemisa restaurant

Gemisa restaurant

This is an exciting organic vegetable restaurant in the heart of Tivoli Gardens. He sources his organic vegetables from a local company. and uses herbs from his own garden. Dishes range from subtle Nordic to exotic Middle Eastern and Asian.

There are a few animal products on the menu, but the sheer variety of skillets in the vegetable dishes makes this a must. And yes, food tastes as good as it looks.

2. Veve restaurant

Veve restaurant

In a beautiful old warehouse in Østerbro, you’ll find Kiin Kiin’s Michelin-starred vegetarian restaurant Veve. No Menu: The chefs create the ever-changing tasting menu from what’s in season, with six choice snacks and six choice entrees. It is lacto-vegetarian, but they are more than happy to make all dishes vegan if you ask in advance.

3. Morgenstedet restaurant

Morgenstedet restaurant

For a unique vegan restaurant experience in Copenhagen, you must try this volunteer-based restaurant in the free city of Christania. Everyone from the chefs to the bartenders works here on a voluntary basis. So the menu ranges from the Mediterranean to the Middle East.

While the menu changes daily, it is always vegetarian and vegan comfort food based on organic ingredients. You can usually choose between two hot dishes and several salads for less than DKK 100.

4. SimpleRAW restaurant

SimpleRAW restaurant

This beautiful restaurant is all about feel-good food with organic and natural ingredients. Everything on the menu is vegan and gluten free. There are brunch dishes like avocado with garlic and thyme portobello mushrooms, baked beans, smoked tempeh, and scrambled tofu.

The best part? SimpleRAW serves breakfast and brunch throughout the day, which, like the rest of the menu, can be ordered to go for outdoor dining on summer days.

5. Almas restaurant

copenhagen vegetarian restaurants

Founded by two Australians, the motto of this cute and colorful cafe is “eat like you’re given a fork”. Souls is all about healthy and sustainable eating. As for what’s on the menu? There’s everything from buckwheat pizza, avocado mash, and quinoa pancakes to ramen, burgers, salads, and tasty raw pies. It wouldn’t look out of place in Sydney or Melbourne – it’s easily one of the best vegan restaurants in Copenhagen.